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Q: In what way glycerin soaps are different from other soaps?
A: In a soap making process, vegetable oils are combined with lye, a chemical reaction resulting in soap and glycerin formation. In most commercial soaps, glycerin is removed to be used for other products. However, when extra glycerin is added, a clear and transparent glycerin soap is obtained.
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Q: What are the benefits of glycerin soaps?
A: Glycerin soaps are recommended by dermatologists because they are mild and not aggressive on your skin. When glycerin soaps is used, a thin layer of glycerin remaining on the skin attracts and retains the moisture from the air providing that moisturizing effect.
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Q: In what way Algaessence soaps are different from other glycerin soaps?
A: Our “soaps with benefits” are actually a unique mixture of glycerin and shea butter soaps. “Soaps with benefits” contain natural products such as powdered seaweed and algae for additional effects. The seaweed and algae that we embed in our soaps are organic. They release all their beneficial components into soap slowly without the use of harsh chemical extraction processes.
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Q: What is the difference between seaweed and algae?
A: Algae is a general term for both microscopic (not visible with naked eye) and macroscopic algae (visible with naked eye). Seaweed is a term that refers to plant-like marine algae. So, in our products we use both seaweed and microscopic algae.
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Q: Why some “soaps with benefits” leather less than regular glycerin soaps?
A: Indeed, some of these soaps require longer time to start lathering while washing, this is because of added granulated or powdered seaweed. However, the added benefits are worth of some extra washing time.
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Q: Do the Algaessence “soaps with benefits” contain any artificial colorings?
A: Even though, these soaps are vividly colored, they do not contain any artificial colorings. These soaps are colored with either algae powder or with the natural pigments isolated from algae, such as phycocyanin or astaxanthin, which are known powerful antioxidants.
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Q: What is the difference between “decorative soaps” and “soaps with benefits”?
A: Decorative soaps are made with the clear, transparent glycerin soap base, which allows see through of the seaweed embedded. These soaps provide a unique “portion of the ocean” impression. The “soaps with benefits” are made with the organic glycerin and shea butter soap base.
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Q: On the Algaessence website there is a statement “The information contained here have not been evaluated by FDA”. How does this effect the quality of the products?
A: Under the law, cosmetic products and ingredients do not need FDA premarket approval. However, the health benefits associated with the use of seaweed and algae cited on our website are based on a published research data, rather than on clinical trials. Therefore, we do not make any claims on health benefits of our products, we only educate our customers on benefits of algae and seaweed.
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Q: What is the difference between fragrance and essential oils?
A: Fragrance oils are made by chemists. Essential oils are natural oils extracted from plants. In our products we use exclusively essential oils for additional benefits. According to aromatherapy, each of the essential oils have a specific effect on skin and health in general.
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Q: What are your shipping policies?
A: We use USPS-Priority or USPS weight based shipping. We ship the products next day after the order has been made. However, since we do not stock our products, we make them fresh, sometimes the products will be shipped out two to three days after the order has been placed.
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