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Detoxifying glycerin soap

Price: $8.00

Detoxifying soap

  • The glycerin soap contains alga Chlorella which is known for its detoxifying and anti-oxidant activity 
  • Our skin is constantly exposed to environmental toxins from air, water, and cosmetics

  • Recent research has shown that Chlorella could inhibit the absorption of radioactive elements and heavy metals (1) into the blood and enhance their elimination 
  • Using Chlorella soap may reduce exposure to heavy metals and other toxins. 
  • Being rich in minerals and bioactive compounds, this alga has also moisturizing effect. 

  • The soap is scented with Juniper essential oil, which in aromatherapy is known to be a great natural detoxifier.

 1Ogawa, K., Fukuda, T., Han, J., Kitamura, Y., Shiba, K., Akira Odani, A. 2016. Evaluation of Chlorella as a Decorporation Agent to Enhance the Elimination of Radioactive Strontium from Body.

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