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Spirulina - Acne control soap

Price: $8.00
Item Number: OS-03

Spirulina - Acne control soap

  • This glycerin soap made with blue-green alga Spirulina and green microalga Chlorella is recommended for acne control 

  • These algae have natural antibacterial activity (1) and they are rich in vital nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and amino acids 

  • These algae contain antioxidative pigments such as beta-carotene, lutein, and phycocyanin 

  • The soap is scented with the Lavender and Cederwood  essential oil, which, in aromatherapy is used to fight oily skin and acne 

  • The added crystals of coral calcium act as fine scrubbing agent

(1) Kaushik, P., Chauhan, A. 2008. In vitro antibacterial activity of laboratory grown culture of Spirulina platensis. Indian J Microbiol. 48: 348–352.

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Gentle soap, works effectively for my acne
Stefan Drakulich (Montreal) 12/13/2017 6:52 PM
I've been using this soap for almost a year, with varying frequency, depending on need/remembering. It is excellent, as far as soap goes. It's wonderfully gentle and soaps up extremely well, smells fresh but isn't necessarily "cooling", and crucially, doesn't get clammy and disintegrate. Honestly, what's not to love as far as using soap goes? Regarding the acne control, it works. With persistent use, your skin really does feel the ingredients: it gets softer, bacteria are eradicated, and your skin isn't dried out or imbalanced from its use. This is important: Make sure you wash off the covering layer of oil with regular face-wash, and then use this soap! It's wasteful to not let your skin experience the great ingredients in Algaessence products. I actually enjoy using this soap a lot, and I'm not a soap person. This is a really nice thing to get for someone with acne, or without. It's their loss if they don't use this great soap!
Helps control acne!
Christine Bucan (Miami Beach) 11/29/2017 3:48 PM
My daughter suffers from breakouts on her forehead and since she started using this soap her face has dramatically improved! Before you start with all of the harsh antibiotics - try this!